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When the great director Francis Ford Coppola was asked “What makes the movie art form so exciting to you?” His answer was clear-cut: “Cinema, movies and magic have always been closely associated. The very earliest people who made film were magicians.”

From conjuring the dreamlike illusions to the realistically captivating stories, cinema is a powerful and magnetic medium that can bring the world together for two simple hours. One scene, one emotion, one line of dialogue can be all it takes to bring magic to life. Movies can speak to us on such personal levels and touch us in ways that after two hours we not only walk away feeling affected but also having learned a little more about ourselves, others and the world around us. We are left inspired by stories of heroes and champions, or enchanted by the visually captivating that it can literally take our breath away, whilst other films will have a thrilling realism that deeply reflect our inner selves.

Persepolis Pictures always strives to take an audience on a journey with the films it produces, that will enamor and stir meaningful interest. We are storytellers. Fact or Fiction. Grand or humble. Stories that will stir you and characters you will appeal to. So sit back and join us as we take you on this magically mesmerizing journey with us. 

P R E - P R O D U C T I O N / I N P R O D U C T I O N

Persepolis Pictures is pleased to announce that it will commence work on its next project called Pulse. We cannot provide anymore information than that at this stage due to confidentiality, but we will report soon with further news. 

In addition Persepolis Pictures has plans on creating a trilogy soon after the next two feature films are completed.

If you are interested in investing or distributing future or current Persepolis Pictures films please contact us.


I Am Neda The Movie by Nicole Kian Sadighi

I Am Neda is the true story of a woman who fearlessly pursues the cause of freedom in defiance of tyranny and oppression.


I Am Neda is Directed, Written and Produced by Nicole Kian Sadighi, who also stars in the movie as Neda. It is the recipient of ten awards and 21 nominations including the Cannes Film Festival. The film has also been received positively by its peers in the industry and film critics as well as making the headlines in the news and media.

Release Date: 2017

  • Download Director's Statement

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