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Montreal World International Film Festival
Winner WorldFest Houston Int. Film Festival
Winner Best International Short - Burbank International Film Festival
Winner Best Film Score - Moondance Int. Film Festival
Winner Best Drama Short - AOFIFF
Winner Lady Filmmakers Film Festival
Winner Best Short Film - WMIFF
Semi Finalist Best Short Film - Moondance Int. Film Festival
Winner Honorable Mention - HVFF
Winner Los Angeles Movie AWards
Beverly Hills Film Festival
Best Director - WMIFF
ARPA International Film Festival
Best Actress - WMIFF
Best Supporting Actress - WMIFF
Best Screenplay- WMIFF
Cannes Int. Film Festival American Pavilion
Santa Rosa International Film Festival
Nominated Best Short Film - Moondance Int. Film Festival
Nominated Best International Short - Burbank International Film Festival
Nominated Best Drama Short - AOFIFF
Nominated Best Dialogue - AOFIFF
Free Speech Film Festival
BeFilm-The Underground Film Festival -NY
Finalist - Cannes Int. Film Festival American Pavilion
Finalist - USA Film Festival
Winner WorldFest Houston Int. Film Festival



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I Am Neda Trailer - Nicole Kian's Award Winning Short Film and Directorial Debut


"I really liked 'I AM NEDA'.

It really stuck with me.

An important movie."

Steven Paul,

CEO & President

Crystal Sky Pictures

I Am Neda Official Poster

The film the Iranian government doesn't want you to see...

From first time Director Nicole Kian Sadighi who has written and produced this award winning movie "I Am Neda" the true story of Neda Agha Soltan who fearlessly pursued the cause of freedom in defiance of tyranny and oppression.

June 2009 marked another turning point for Iranians, when mass anti-government protests erupted across major cities in Iran, following the June 12 rigged Iranian presidential election against the disputed victory of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which came to be known as the Green Movement. These events provoked the government to declare war on its own people and the world became a witness to some of the most horrific acts that were shown daily through major news outlets as well as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube posting.


Many innocent Iranians were, imprisoned, tortured, raped and killed for standing up for their basic human rights in nonviolent civil disobedience.This film is centered on one ordinary yet courageous young woman on the backdrop of extraordinary circumstances, who has since become the symbol and face of this movement.


News reports regarding Neda soon went viral across the globe through leading news outlets and online social media. Everyone from CNN, Fox, BBC, Reuters, AP, AFP, London Times, Life Magazine, the musical group U2 and many more prominent figures commented and paid homage to Neda's story - the girl whose face will always be remembered from YouTube. She was one of the 2009 Time Magazines Person of the Year, 2010 London Times Person of the Year. Additionally The Neda Agha Soltan Graduate Scholarship is a scholarship for post-graduate philosophy students at The Queen's College, Oxford, with preference given to students of Iranian citizenship or heritage. Neda's impact on the Green Movement in Iran which launched the Arab Spring in the Middle East, has made her the face and symbol of Iran's freedom movement and with it a historical legacy that must never be forgotten.



Mary began her acting career as a child star in Iran. One of her earliest successes was Octopus, a long running television show where Mary performed in political and satirical skits that helped change and liberalize the society. Going on to star in countless television shows, feature films and plays, Mary became one of the most popular stars in Iran. She was the first actress in the Iranian Motion Picture history to win the Moscow International Film Festival Best Actress Award for her performance in Dead End, written and directed by Parviz Sayyad.

The Iranian revolution forced Mary to flee the country and find her new home in the United States. Here in America Mary starred in two critically acclaimed films, The Mission and Checkpoint. She also played featured roles in productions such as the NBC miniseries On Wings of Eagles and produced the MGM release, Mind Games. While working with her partner, Bob Yari, producer of the Academy Award winning film Crash, Mary expanded her involvement in socially significant projects.


Among many awards she recently received the prestigious ARPA International Film Festival Foundation Award for her Humanitarian efforts using the theater to mirror the true voices and the stories of the women of the Middle East. Theater has always been Mary’s greatest passion. In 2005, she wrote, directed and produced the politically charged Critic's Choice play Beneath The Veil which was presented in many prestigious venues such as Lincoln and Kennedy Center and Geffen playhouse.

Mary has also created many projects for children, including A Fairy Tale In The Forest and Jewel of The Night, which gives the children of Iranian expatriates a bio lingual fairy tale show and an opportunity to learn about their parents’ culture and homeland.

Throughout her adult life, Mary has remained fiercely committed to improving the lives of women and children, especially in the Middle East. Through her work as an advocate for clearing land mines and reducing their use, and appearing as a spokesperson before the U.S. Congress and in all media, Mary remains vigilant and vocal in the pursuit of all freedoms.

Check out the acclaimed book "The Green Card Stories", that featured Mary Apick. The book which won the "Best of Photojournalism Award 2012" will be presented to President Obama at the Whitehouse.


Nicole, originally from London, England is an accomplished actress, director, writer, producer. After achieving her 'A' levels in Psychology, English Literature & Language and Art at Richmond up Thames College she was Hungry to satisfy her creative desire to act, so attended the performing arts school at Brooklands

College, the only place she was able to obtain a grant to attend where she graduated with distinctions and merits. Now armed with grounding in Stanislavski, Chekov, and the Alexander Technique, Nicole was ready to take her career to the next level.

She wanted to learn everything there was about the industry and started her film career as a volunteer PA for film and television production companies. She quickly gained a positive reputation as an upbeat, super friendly worker who wasn't afraid to go the extra mile.


Hungry to satisfy her creative desire to act, she applied for performing arts school at Brooklands College, the only place she was able to obtain a grant to attend. At the end of her 3 year performing arts academy, she graduated with distinctions and merits. Now armed with grounding in Stanislavski, Chekov, and the Alexander Technique, Nicole was ready to take her career to the next level.She wanted to learn everything there was about the industry and started her film career as a volunteer PA for film and television production companies. She quickly gained a positive reputation as an upbeat, super friendly worker who wasn't afraid to go the extra mile. Soon production companies took notice and Nicole found herself being headhunted by "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" Producer Georgia Masters, whom she'd worked with previously on the BAFTA nominated "One Night Stand" starring Jemma Redgrave and James Purefoy. During this time she accumulated the experience and hands on education she needed to follow her passion in the movie industry business as an actress and a writer.Several plays and a couple of independent films later, she soon came to the realization that her future was in Los Angeles.


Since moving to L.A. she began to see the fruits of her labor, landing a lead road in the independent short "When the Lights go Down" and more recently a pilot "S.O.S I'm a Woman".Being a passionate advocate of many causes, Nicole is keenly committed to championing human rights across the globe and is often approached as a keynote spokesperson on behalf of numerous non-profit human rights and nongovernmental organization. She not only has an artistic flair as a creative writer but has been a freelance writer for many leading publications and newspapers, for a number of years.

Fortune led her to find the insight and inspiration to write, produce and direct her very first award-winning short film, 'I Am Neda', which she starred in as Neda, while also adding another hyphenate in front of her name as director. It was at this time she founded her own production company Persepolis Pictures. The film has since won 11 awards and has received 21 nominations at different film festivals, such as USA Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival's American Pavilion. Including nominations for Best Actress for her performance as Neda, Best Director and Best Screenplay. In an interview with the BBC, Nicole commented: "As an actress who wore many hats for the making of I Am Neda, to also be recognized for my written and directorial debut is beyond thrilling. This film has been a huge endeavor for me, and there were so many challenges on the way. It has given me new found respect for the "Clint Eastwoods'" of the world who have not only written and directed but at times have starred in their own movies."


Nicole has been interviewed and featured by The Huffington Post, BBC, Women's Media Center, Universal Film Magazine, LA Observed, Los Angeles Times, AP, Paris Match, The Arts and Entertainment Magazine, Javanan Magazine, Javanan Radio, Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Christian Science Monitor, Radio Vaticana, Le Monde, France24, FrontPage Magazine, AndishehTV, Kayhan London, The Iranians, Politica Online, CCTV, C-Span and many more.


APoetNomadAli's career began when his parents would throw him in front of all the guests at their large family gatherings.  He was often asked to dance, sing, rap, impersonate, play an instrument, and/or any other combination of humility and torture his wonderful parents could conjure.

In high school when he was host for the local community T.V. Show.  The show consisted of 1 episode a week spanning a total of 40 episodes in which he wrote, directed, line produced, and acted in several of the skits.  He also covered much of the local news as a journalist.  One of his stories received national acclaim for its journalistic merit winning him a trip to the nation’s capital. 


After high school, he directed his attention towards his music.  During the course of the next 5 years he released 2 albums with world-wide distribution and would be featured in every Iranian publication with national distribution in the States.  He has an opened for and shared the stage with the likes of: Colbie Callat, One Republic, Run DMC, Digital Underground, Mos Def, Talib Kwali, and Jurassic 5, to name a few.


He is often referred to as the Iranian communities "Ambassador of Hip Hop" because he has dedicated his life to 3 of the 4 elements that define Hip Hop culture: Emceeing, B-Boying, and DJ'ing.  Moreover, he has mentored many young Iranian talents wishing to enter music and entertainment steering them towards the route of integrity and hard work, distinguishing himself from other hip hop artists because of his lyrics and his live shows. Throughout his career he has been invited to share the stage with celebrities like: One Republic, Christina Milian, Colbie Caillat, Fat Joe, Wyclef Jean, Lil Bow Wo, and Akon. Although he is most recognized in the American Market, he has kept close to his roots and managed to cultivate the respect and support of the Iranian community and continues recording and producing material, both for his upcoming album and for other artists.

He has recently reconnected with his love of performing through acting.  He has hosted a series of red carpet events, and taken on a few roles in projects he believes in. In acting he finds that his love of characters and relating to the depth of the human spirit is able to fully come alive.

This short film is very dear to him and prior to being cast for the role he composed a song for Neda.



Vida Irani has been active on the Tinsel town scene as a entertainment reporter and actress.

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